Tinnitus Tales Le Forbici di Manitù | 2016

What do Martin Luther and Pete Townshend, Ozzie Osbourne and Oscar Wilde, Ludwig Van Beethoven and Star Trek’s Dr. Spock have in common? They all painfully suffered from tinnitus, a permanent hiss heard in one or both ears. The condition affects a large percentage of the world population (5-10%) and represents a real “occupational illness” for musicians and rock fans. On the subject, surprisingly, an inexplicable silence is observed by the music press and industry. At the current state of medical research, there is no effective cure for chronic tinnitus and the unpleasant humming can only get worse if you do not protect the ears properly. 

In the works for nearly five years, the triple concept album Tinnitus Tales (a 10" vinyl record and two CDs) conceived by Le Forbici di Manitù (i.e. Manitù Rossi and Vittore Baroni, the second long suffering from tinnitus) with the collaboration of over fifty guest musicians, bands and international visual artists, breaks the veil of silence with a series of songs that address the topic blending humor and empathy. The songs are inspired by well-known cases of people suffering from tinnitus, such as Andy Partridge of XTC or Bono and The Edge of U2. To make this "educational audio project" a more collective effort, several old and new friends - many of them with tinnitus problems - were invited to record their own versions of the songs by Le Forbici di Manitù or to contribute original compositions on the subject (included in the CD 1 Songs). 


A common technique to relieve the distress of tinnitus is to maintain a "masking" sound source in the background. Other musician friends of Le Forbici di Manitù have therefore been asked to create instrumental compositions intended as Masking Tracks (collected in the CD 2). Finally, demos of Tinnitus Tales songs were sent to a varied group of artists, cartoonists and illustrators, to inspire the original images in the book included in the box set, packed with information, tips and useful links regarding tinnitus. 

Two years after the collection of rarities and unreleased tracks Automitoantologia (Sussidiaria) and six years after the collaboration with the writer Alda Teodorani in the audio-tale L’Isola (Snowdonia), Le Forbici di Manitù return with a project stylistically eclectic as usual, ranging from garage to lounge, from electro-pop to doom metal, from avant-rap (of Maisie with special guest Piotta) to pure field recordings (Nigel Ayers of Nocturnal Emissions). The various items in the box-set are enclosed in the striking multi-die-cut packaging designed by Laura Fiaschi (Gumdesign) in a disconcerting graphic style affected by “tinnitus disorders". In the era of liquid music, this is a hybrid and extremely “physical” product, ready to enter in the history of the most unique record packaging. Edition limited to 323 copies. Code for digital download included in each copy.


released October 1, 2016 


Contributi audio di: Nigel Ayers | Simon Balestrazzi | Gianluca Becuzzi | Eraldo Bernocchi | Sissy Biasin | Dagger Moth | Deadburger | Bruno De Angelis | Gronge X | Jealousy Party | Adriano Lanzi & Tiziana Lo Conte | Lettera 32 | Maisie featuring Piotta | Mercenary God | Metal Music Machine | Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo | Marco Monfardini | Gen Ken Montgomery | Neuropa | Okapi | Manitù Rossi | Samora | Daniele Santagiuliana | Sparkle In Grey | Spectre (Marcello Fraioli) | Rod Summers | Fabrizio Tavernelli | Teho Teardo | Giancarlo Toniutti | VipCancro | Volvo Tapes | Yami 

Contributi visivi di: Stefano Alghisi | Vittore Baroni | Emanuela Biancuzzi | Antonino Bove | Mauro Chiarotto | Alberto Corradi | Gianluca Costantini | Graziano Dovichi | Laura Fiaschi / Gumdesign | Carlo Galli | Massimo Giacon | Ale Giorgini | Johnny Grieco | Matteo Guarnaccia | Hurricane Ivan | Simone Lucciola | Mat Pogo | Sergio Ponchione | Giulia Spanghero | Matteo Uggeri | Stefano Zattera