I heard your voices

"I heard your voices" is a site specific project of Gianluca Costantini for Le Murate in Florence, a place of seclusion since the beginning. First it was a cloistered convent then a prison until 1985. Renzo Piano did the plan of public apartments and since January 2010 it has been chosen to become the second place for contemporary art in Florence. 


The theme of imprisonment is not new in Costantini's bio: infact in 2006 he curated the collective project connected to the inguineMAHgazine on the prison. 
On monday the 12th there will be a more intimate experience, the artist will draw into a guardhouse, not directly visible by the public but by a camera, where he will draw and the images of the hands drawing will be shown outside on a big screen. 

What happens into the prison cannot be seen, only by mediation. Even if you are doing something harmless like drawing. Outside there will be also an audio installation done by voices and wittness words of war prisoners. 

A sort of reformed story telling, done by voices and drawings, as comics are. 

Performace drawings: