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CPJ's 2018 International Press Freedom Awards
These illustrations of courageous journalists and 2018 International Press Freedom Awardees were drawn by Italian artist Gianluca Costantini to honor CPJ's awardees ahead of the 28th annual awards ceremony and gala in New York | Gallery: Facebook | Twitter

Festival Diritti Umani, 2017

G7 Taormina, ActionAid, 2017


Festival Sabir, Siracusa, 2017 

    S. Maria dello Spasimo, 2017

HRW Film Festival, London

Cave - Arci Carrara 

Women's March 2017

 Julian Assange, G20, 2017

UNHCR Refugge Festival 2016

Aleppo is Hell

Boko Haram

FiSaraha 2016

VenzuelaYa Privado de libertad

FDU Milano 2016

FIFDH Genève 2016

Geneva Summit 2016

La terra di Elias ActionAid

#chiediamoasilo ActionAid

Occupy Gezi 2013

SOS Diritti 2013

News Human Rights:

Un mosaico dedicato a Giulio Regeni sarà inaugurato il 19 dicembre in municipio

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Festival des Autres Mondes | Pays de Morlaix

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Free Galal El-Behairy | Egypt

Galal El-Behairy is an Egyptian poet, lyricist, and activist. Throughout his career, Galal has employed his artistic voice as a nonviolent means of reimagining the future in a time of political tumult. Through his work he has brought up sensitive issues about women’s rights, free expression and the efforts of Egyptian citizens to determine their form of government. He is the author of books Chairs Factory (Masna’a El Karasy) published in 2015 and Colorful Prison (Segn Bel Alwan), 2017. He has written many lyrics for the singer Ramy Essam, among them one of his biggest hits Segn Bel Alwan. Most recently he collaborated on the song Balaha and was planning to publish a book of poetry, both of which caused him to be detained, tortured, and imprisoned unjustly for several months awaiting a court indictment. Galal’s poetry is an inspiring representation of the energy and hope of Egyptian citizens and activists in the past decade, from the chants of protesters challenging authoritarian regimes to the lyrics of songs performed during the Arab Spring in 2011 and after. It is also a cautionary tale of the risks artists take within a state that constantly attempts to repress dissenting voices through censorship and imprisonment.

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Egypt | Egitto

Palestine | Israel


Spazio 1929
Lugano | Switzerland

Complesso Ex-Salesiani

Faenza | Italy

Museos Diógenes Taborda

Buenos Aires | Argentine


Bologna | Italy