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13. October 2018
Zehra Doğan is a graduate of Fine Arts and did not go to a journalism school. Yet it was with three reports on Yezidi women that she won a prestigious journalism prize, the Metin Göktepe. It was also her desire to « go out », as she said at the time of this distinction, that made her co-founder of a women’s news agency. And it is also drawing that has taken over from the pen and the camera, when words are no longer enough to describe the unspeakable.
18. August 2018
In 2018, Helsinki Comics Festival celebrates Italian comics, strips and metal music. The festival will once again take place in Kattilahalli at Suvilahti district. The festival will also see the second installment of the popular Helsinki Zine Fest, which features fresh and interesting self-publishers from Finland and abroad. Helsinki Zine Fest will take place in Tiivistämö at Suvilahti. Find a list of the Zine Fest exhibitors here.
03. June 2018
Panel sul Graphic Journalism: “La rappresentazione illustrata dei fatti: l’esperienza del Graphic Journalism italiano”.
19. October 2017
TRANSEUROPA is a transnational artistic, cultural and political festival organised by European Alternatives since 2007. In the past decade, TRANSEUROPA has attracted thousands of attendees and active participants through a decentralised event structure in over a dozen European cities and a high profile moment in one city. For the 2017 edition, Convergent Spaces, the main city for TRANSEUROPA is Madrid
18. October 2017
Urbino | Pesaro | Urbino12/13/14/15 Ottobre 2017 Patrimonio culturale. Una Storia, 1000 modi per raccontarla Arrivare alla quinta edizione per un Festival significa entrare in una fase di maturità. Significa aver risposto a una serie di interrogativi e aver iniziato a costruire un rapporto solido con il territorio e con il proprio pubblico. Siamo partiti da Urbino, due anni fa si è aggiunta Fano, adesso anche Pesaro. L’esperienza di questi anni ci ha insegnato tanto, ci ha fornito...
18. October 2017
The secretariat of the MAB Programme and the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe are proud to announce the organization of the 2017 MAB YOUTH FORUM - committed to sustainable Development, to be held in the Po Delta Biosphere Reserve, Italy, on 18‐23 September 2017. Young people are the future of Biosphere reserves and must be given a voice in shaping their territory and defining their engagement in the Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme of UNESCO. The MAB Secretariat...