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06. August 2019
Mümtaz’er Türköne, a political scientist and a columnist for now-closed Zaman daily, has been pictured in handcuffs as he was going through a medical check-up at an İstanbul hospital.

15. July 2019
Making a series of demands, including the removal of the ban on their concerts, Grup Yorum music band has announced that they will go on a hunger strike as of May 17.

18. June 2019
Her şey çok güzel olacak. Ekrem İmamoğlu

05. June 2019
If you are a journalist who expresses such truths as Nazlı Ilıcak, your reward is life imprisonment! #Turkey

07. July 2018
Zehra Doğan is a Kurdish artist and journalist from Diyarbakir in Turkey. She is the editor of Jinha, a feminist Kurdish news agency with an all female staff. She was jailed for a painting of the destruction of the city of Nusaybin in 2017, and in 2018, the street artist Banksy created a mural of her in New York.

06. July 2018
The end of democracy! Selahattin Demirtaş

04. June 2018
Senior comic book artist arrested w/ routine, ridiculous claim of "insulting the president". Kurtcabe, suffering from various medical conditions, needs int'l attention ASAP. #Turkey lacks freedom of exp. severely