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10. August 2019
Autumn lingered on as if fond of its own perfection.

06. August 2019
We bombarded them with ads, until they saw the world the way we wanted them to. Until they voted for our candidate.

06. August 2019
Cambridge Analytica will try to pick at whatever mental weakness or vulnerability that we think you have and try to warp your perception of what's real around you, if you are looking to create an information weapon, the battle space you operate in is social media. That is where the fight happens.

05. August 2019
Facebook: you were on the wrong side of history in that...

03. August 2019
Elections have been internationalized, industrialized, and militarized. We have to fight for our data rights because democracy is not assured.

28. July 2019
British passport holders from the Chagos Islands are being systematically targeted in a “shameful” attempt to have them removed from the UK, the Observer can reveal.

03. June 2019
Believe, work hard, and it’ll happen - Mohamed Salah

01. May 2018
Very fortunate to be adding another award in my first season playing with this great group of players! Salah Named Footbal Writers' Association's footballer of the year.

26. April 2018
Grazie per la cittadinanza Stato italiano, ora però dai la cittadinanza a tutti i bambini migranti malati che arrivano in Italia!