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13. July 2019
I don't want to face up to it. Even now, I don't want to admit that Xiaobo is gone!
12. June 2019
Hong Kong - No To China Extradition
05. June 2019
Tank Man! 巴丢草 Badiucao
31. May 2019
CHRD Filmmaker and cameraman Deng Chuanbin arrested for posting about Tiananmen on Social Network.
07. July 2018
Help get Wang Quanzhang home to his family Five year old Quanquan thinks his dad is a hero. But he hasn't seen him in almost three years because he has been detained by the Chinese Government. Wang Quanzhang is a human rights lawyer from China who has spent years defending the rights of others - and risking his safety to do it. One day, almost three years ago, he was taken by the Chinese authorities and his family does not know for sure where he is or even if he is alive...
06. July 2018
Without the prison, the beatings, what would I be? Ai Weiwei
01. May 2018
The tragedy is not only that people have lost their lives. The tragedy is the people who, in the very rich nations, have lost their humanity.