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07. July 2018
Khalil al-Halwachi is a 57-year-old Bahraini scholar, former political activist held in the kingdom’s Jau Prison. ill treatment, including denial of medical care, by detaining authorities.
05. July 2018
#Bahrain: @NabeelRajab Expecting Final Appeal Verdict on His 5 Years Sentence Appeal on 5th of June. - He was sentenced to 5 Years for tweets about abuses in prisons & the Saudi-led war in Yemen: … - Currently serving 7 YRs prison sentence on 2 cases
01. May 2018
تعرضوا لكل أشكال التعذيب والتهديد و الترهيب و احكامهن جاءت على اعترافات تحت وطأة الظروف الغير إنسانية و البعيد عن القوانين #ننتظرك_حرة #أطلقوا_سجينات_البحرين