Helsinki Comics Festival 2018

Helsinki Festival (Helsingin juhlaviikot) is the largest arts festival in Finland, whose aim is to make art accessible for all and provide unique experiences for Finnish and international audiences. In 2018 Helsinki Festival takes places 17.8.–2.9. This year is the third time Helsinki Comics Festival is in included in Helsinki Festival as a partner event.


Guests: Charlie Adlard, JP Ahonen, Lise Myhre, Bianca Bagnarelli, Becky Cloonan, Anna Deflorian, Anni Nykanen, Tuuli Hyoén, Olga Posuh, Altan, Luke McGarry, Wolf Kankare, Itja Obulhov, Marko Raassina, Alexis Beauclair, Anna Volovik and Patrick Wirbeleit.