North and South Korean leaders hold historic summit

South Korean President Moon will travel to Pyongyang later this year, according to the statement released by his office following the summit.

Moon and Kim also agreed to a host of other measures in the agreement they signed.


Here are some of them:

North and South Korea will establish a "joint liaison office" in the Kaesong region, where the two countries used to operate an industrial complex.

The two sides agreed to "encourage more active cooperation, exchanges, visits and contacts at all levels in order to rejuvenate the sense of national reconciliation and unity."

Both countries will hold a special meeting on June 15.

North and South Korea will jointly participate in international sporting events like the Asian Games, which will be held this year in Indonesia.

The two countries will hold reunions for families separated by the division of the Korean Peninsula on August 15.

Both sides agreed to stop blasting propaganda through loudspeakers on the border.

North and South Korea agreed to meetings between defense ministers. Continue