Women of the Venezuelan chaos! Margarita Cadenas

How did one of the richest countries in Latin Ame- rica, driven by oil revenues, plunge into such a political and economic crisis?

The populist by democracy of Hugo Chavez has given way to a true dictatorship since the takeover on the institutions by his successor Nicolás Maduro. Everyday life has become a desperate search for the most basic necessities. Vital supplies are missing from hospitals. Food is scarce to the point of starva- tion everywhere in the country.

The anger of the population is growing more profound. Meanwhile, the National assembly has been dismissed, the demonstrations are violently repressed and the opposition silenced, imprisoned and forbidden to participate in the next elections. Millions of Venezuelans are now fleeing their country. How can the crisis be resolved?

Women of the Venezuela Chaos, by Margarita Cadenas, portrays five women caught in one of the country’s toughest crises. 


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