Christian Lutz FIFDH18

Power operates everywhere in the private sphere , in human relations, between nations, among peoples; it is at the heart of countless processes in society. This is an issue that obsesses me and which is in fact an excuse to talk about our world and the interactions between individuals and system! Christian Lutz


Christian Lutz’s images are exhibited around the world. In 2007, he gained recognition for his work Protokoll, a personal dive behind the scenes of Swiss politics. In 2011, the Grand Prix Images Vevey selected an exhibition on the Nigerian oil fields : Tropical Gift was awarded the Swiss Press Photo. A year later, In Jesus’s Name earned him the wrath of the ICF Evangelical Church in Zurich. The book was withdrawn from sales but inspired Lutz to create a striking exhibition at the Musée de l’Elysée. Last summer, Insert Coins, which shows the backrooms of Las Vegas, was presented in Arles. For the past four years, he has been traveling across Europe and Switzerland to document the hotbeds of populism and the rise of the far right. 


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