Pidgeon Pagonis - Réalisateur.rice et activiste intersexe

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Article 5: No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel inhuman or degrading treatment or punighment.


"The son I never had" a film by Pidgeon Pagonis (United States)


Anatomy of the genders Girl or boy? It is traditionally the question that follows a birth. But the answer might not be as straightforward as it first appears as some children are neither female or male standard. They are born intersexual.

"They operated on me to remove my testicles, and told my parents to take me home and simply to be

a girl ...". The intersex bodies defy our conception of gender. In order to "normalize" these people, doctors perform surgeries: genital mutilations and sterilization, accompanied by hormonal treatments for life. Parents are helpless and hide their shame. In adulthood, several intersex people now denounce the operations carried out without their consent during childhood. They claim the right to grow in their birth body and to allow every child the freedom to choose their identity. Are we ready to review our binary approach of the gender?

In his/her film The Son I Never Had, Pidgeon Pagonis tells the story of his childhood, brought up in the lie of his intersex identity.

Barbara Lohr, Cécile Thullier, Elsa Kleinschmager, Florence Touly’s France, neither girl nor boy tells

of the activists’ campaign to bring an end to the practice of non-consensual surgical procedures performed on intersex people. 


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