Skulptura? / Skulpture? | Comic Book edited by Aleksandar Zograf

As part of Pančevo’s 16th Biennial of Art Pančevo, introduced was an international anthology of sculpture-inspired comics, edited by Aleksandar Zograf. It contains stories (in Serbian or English) by more then 30 artists, from 10 countries! Including Pat Moriarity (US), Mihael Milunović (Serbia), Jovan Pešić (Serbia), George Tragakis (Greece), Tiago Baptista ( Portugal), David Lasky (US), Lee Kennedy (UK), Gianluca Costantini (Italy), Arianna Vairo (Italy), Alberto Corradi (Italy), Dragona Kuprešanin (Serbia), Noel Franklin (US), Bob Kathman ( US), mr.stocca ( Serbia/Canada), Tin Can Forest (Canada), Tonto (Austria), Boris Stanić (Serbia), Jeremy Eaton ( US), Dennis Worden (US), Agnieszka Piksa (Poland), Marcos Farrajota (Portugal), Katie Woznicki (US/Serbia), Dušan Durman (Serbia), DV NIKT/ D.Zaritch (Serbia/US), Wostok/Grabowski ( Serbia), Saša Stojanović (Serbia), Lorena Kaz (Brazil), Aleksandar Zograf (Serbia).

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