"New languages of graphic journalism: from reportages to comic strips to political cartoons"

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Festival dei diritti umani di Milano 
#fdu18 | Triennale di Milan0

Cipro, quell'infinita linea verde che divide le nostre vite per Eastewest | Geopolitica

FIFDH, Festival du Film et Forum International sur les Droits Humains #Geneva 

#MyFreedomDay 2018: Students worldwide join
the anti-slavery fight for CNN

The moments of the 2018 Winter Olympics for CNN

Human Right Watch Film Festival in London 2018


Arte del Fumetto, Macerata

Il mestiere di scrivere, Madrid

Darsena 3.0 | Spazi Indecisi

Graphic Novel in Italien

Channeldraw hangs drawings, not people

Performance in TRANSEUROPA 2017, Madrid

A Festival of Arts, Politics and Culture

Matadero, Paseo de la Chopera, 14

Welcome to Transeuropa 2017 – Convergent Spaces! The team of Transeuropa welcomes you to the city of Madrid. We will present our objectives for the week, how we plan to make of Transeuropa a point of convergence for political and civil society actors to exchange ideas, concepts and alternatives for a Europe in turmoil.


During the opening, we will present Channeldraw hangs drawings, not people, a symbolic performance of the artivist Gianluca Costantini, known as Channeldraw, who will hang up his original drawing during the opening session of the Festival. His drawings always deal with reality, with ongoing news and actions, and they are used throughout the World by activist, as well as relatives, for manifestations, flash mob, banners and stickers, petitions and so on. He collaborates with other artists, such as Ai Weiwei and Khalid Albahi, in promoting and spreading powerful arts pointing out where there is a violation of Human rights. Human rights are the main focus of his everyday drawing, in particular against death penalty, still active in many countries. Let’s move for a world where we hang just drawings, not people.



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Festival Giornalismo Culturale

Viaggio in Italia | DiEM25

Che Guevara per ARCI

Intervista Radio3mondo

2017 MAB Youth Forum

Sottotraccia, 2017

Voci | Cantiere Poetico 2017

Fedele alla linea

Festival Diritti Umani, 2017

G7 Taormina, ActionAid, 2017

Don Milani, San Marino, 2017

1917 - 2017, Ravenna Festival

Workshop Siracusa, 2017

Festival Sabir, Siracusa, 2017

Oblomov Edizioni, 2017

S. Maria dello Spasimo, 2017

Giuseppe Memeo 14 maggio 1977 Milano


Mosaico realizzato dal laboratorio AnnaFietta di Ravenna,

in occasione di "'Facciamo un '77" a cura di Elettra Stamboulis

al Mar - Museo  d’Arte della città di Ravenna


2 - 17 settembre 2017

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G20 Hamburg, 2017

Next Stop 2019?, Berlin, 2017

#StopTheDEal, Diem25, 2017

Julian Assange, G20, 2017

The Time of Courage, 2017

HRW Film Festival, London

International Fact-Checking

Cave - Arci Carrara

Women's March 2017

Guida Circoli ARCI 2017

UniBooKat, Livorno

Narcomafie n°6

Le cicatrici tra i miei denti

Io dico NO!

FiSaraha 2016

CittàMeticcia n°58

Festival di letteratura sociale, Firenze | Italy

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US Election Day 2016

XL Comics | Panini 9L

Narcomafie n°5

Libreria Longo


Festival Internazionale 2016

Tinnitus Tales

Storia di una bugia...

UNHCR Refugge Festival 2016

Aleppo is Hell

Boko Haram

Ravenna Festival 2016